Direct Sales Recruiting Is Not A Choice

Posted on July 16th, 2018 by Deb Bixler

When the direct sales team leader has the caring and sharing recruiting attitude then the sales consultants WILL recruit.

As a leader it is important to explain how operating a balanced direct sales business will benefit each consultant and also the lives of their friends and families.

Team Recruiting Training

A balanced approach to training will give your team a balanced business.

When the leader's attitude is that it is normal to recruit, then all the consultants will follow suit. Most direct selling leaders separate the recruiting aspect of business from the sales, finding business or bookings aspect of the training programs.

As long as the leader treats it as separate then the consultants will consider it as optional.
Direct Sales Recruiting
As a leader, your attitude must be to train equally on sales, filling the calendar and in sharing the business opportunity.

Direct Sales Recruiting = Creating Desire

Direct sales recruiting is just like selling or lead generation.

When you are good at creating desire for one, then you already have the skills to do the other.

Train your sales team how to create desire and you are training them to be good recruiters.

Balanced Direct Sales Business

Operating a balanced direct sales business means that a consultant puts equal emphasis on all opportunities to generate income.

Product sales, finding business and recruiting all create income.

As a sales leader your focus and attitude must be that recruiting will give your team members a balanced business.

Leaders Attitude = Team Attitude!

Recruiting is NOT a choice, management is!

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