At the DSWA we’re hard at work launching the DSWA Action Plan to support Direct Sellers and transform the world’s current challenges into opportunities. It’s what we’ve always taught and we intend to put it to good use in these challenging times. Our mission is to offer something for every budget so we all come out stronger than ever. To that end, we’re launching more free webinars, more affordable webinars and online courses, reducing prices and offering longer payment plans!

Please take a moment to review the free and affordable training programs available to you below. And we would be honored if you would share these opportunities with your team, company and anyone you feel might benefit.

To your success,
Nicki Keohohou & Grace Hao
DSWA & Coach Excellence School Co-Founders

  • 3/31/20 7:00 AM - 3/31/00 11:00 PM
  • Virtual Year-Round Access

A six-month certification course with a bonus FULL YEAR of group coaching calls with Nicki, Grace and DSWA’s accredited faculty! This course covers six areas we’ve identified as critical to success in Direct Sales: Visionary Planning, Coaching, Leadership, Training Skills, Creating Community and Business Management

Each step in the training is delivered straight to your inbox. Watch that month’s training video at your leisure, hop on the group coaching call, check out the bonus materials and you’re good to go! It could not be easier to follow along, and you get to choose a pace that fits your busy life and family.

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  • 6/13/23 9:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST
  • FREE Zoom Class

Are you fatigued from the ongoing search for new team members? It’s exciting to share your opportunity with others yet can be a frustrating and time-consuming task when you’re constantly playing a game of hide and seek. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the time of seeking that frees you up to focus on your growing business.
In this FREE class with Nicki Keohohou, we’ll explore strategies that you can use to stop blindly searching for new Team Members and discover where and when positive prospects are waiting!

How to identify WHO is looking for your opportunity
What you can do to attract the “ready now” prospect.
How to tell if you’re attracting only needy people.
Where to look for strong prospects
What would make them want to join your team! We can help with this months FREE class!


  • 6/27/23 8:00 PM Eastern - 6/29/23 9:00 PM Eastern
  • Live Webinar Series

Throughout this learning experience, Nicki Keohohou will reveal proven effective strategies for growing your organization virtually.

  • Develop a Team Building Mindset –
    This is an opportunity to reveal any fears or limiting beliefs that could be holding you or your team back from sharing the good news about the business.
  • Engage & Retain Prospects –
    Discover a 7-Step proven process that will support you to communicate with impact and grow your team rapidly.
  • Create a Team Building Culture –
    Teams multiply at an accelerated rate, when inviting others is intentional and a consistent part of how you do business.

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  • 7/6/23 8:00 PM Eastern - 7/25/23 9:30 PM Eastern
  • Live Webinar Series


Coaching bridges the gap between learning and achieving. The DSWA Coach Excellence® Program is based on DSWA’s world renowned Principle-Centered Coaching® system that has been proven effective for more then a decade. This complete certification course has been designed and continues to be enhanced by master coaches, direct selling coaches and professionals. The Coach Excellence Program delivers the best mediums for coach training: online live facilitation through this live webinar series, coaching practice, group coaching sessions and follow-up support from faculty.

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  • 8/1/23 8:00 PM Eastern - 8/22/23 9:30 PM Eastern
  • Live Webinar Series


With the incredible achievements and significant increases in sales, retention, and sponsoring, the majority of DSWA Coach Excellence School Express participants have asked, “What is next and when is it?” We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the one-of-a-kind Advanced Coach School. This is your opportunity to further develop your coaching skills through experiential learning, practice applying advanced methods of coaching, and have your coaching proficiency assessed by a Certified Coach.

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