Coaching – the Life Changing Choice

Posted on June 4th, 2013 by Linda Dunn

Thirteen years ago I had the good fortune to find the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance. After all my years in the direct selling industry, finding this amazing organization was to change my professional and personal life forever.


I quickly became a member and part of the community. One of the many benefits of membership is the association with Direct Selling professionals and the opportunity to glean their knowledge and expertise. I found myself enriched beyond measure and from that day forward recommended DSWA memberships to every direct seller I came in contact with.

One of the most significant training tools I found in their business resources was an audio series called Principle-Centered Coaching. I first learned about it on a tele-class where I heard a coach share the essence of this amazing approach to professional growth. I instantly related to the Five Core Coaching Skills:

  • You’re the Expert Questions:
    Questions that create more clarity, insight, possibilities and commitment
  • Heart-Centered Listening:
    Listening from your heart with laser focus and intent to truly hear
  • Compassionate Feedback:
    Feedback given in the spirit of service that supports learning and growth
  • Agreed Action and Accountability:
    Identifying actions steps and supporting each person to follow through on their goals.
  • ICU Acknowledgement:
    To look beyond the actions of a person to “whom” they were being to achieve their goals.

Thereafter I began to think about these skills in my approach to helping direct sellers reach success. At the time I was an employee of Party Plan direct selling companies, so my time was directed toward training, mentoring and to some extent coaching. Most direct selling companies put a great deal of emphasis on training and less on coaching. However, in my heart, I knew that helping a leader find the knowledge within her or him was the key to success and retention. Looking back now I’m certain the results to the company would have been much greater had the coach approach been embraced from the top down.

Finally the day came when I had the time and freedom to enroll in the DSWA Coach Excellence Accreditation class. It was 21 years into my career but none the less it was part of my life’s journey and now I was ready.

It’s difficult to describe what it feels like to commune with other direct selling professionals to learn from and be coached by Nicki and Grace. In a relatively intimate setting enclosed in an aura of unconditional support and love, you feel embraced and nurtured beyond measure. As we sat together and learned about and from each other, coaching found its way into my bandwidth of knowledge and experience. It filled in all the nooks and crannies of my head and heart.

Now as I complete my accreditation requirements and write this, I look forward to the difference coaching will make in the lives of those I have the good fortune to meet and coach in the future. Emblazoned on my heart forever are the Principles of DSWA Coaching:

  • Service: Focusing on giving rather than receiving
  • Trust: Having faith, confidence and belief in another
  • Authenticity: Being natural, genuine and honest
  • Integrity: Doing the right things even when no one is looking
  • Respect: Treating others with dignity and kindness

I’m confident about the choice I’ve made and the path I’ve chosen. I know that it is never too late to make that discovery.