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Posted on January 22nd, 2018 by Guest Blogger

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I Am A Coach Under Construction....
By Angel Semeco

When you are driving through the city, on many occasions, you can see the signs that mention "Sorry for the inconvenience we are building to improve the city." When I see this, I imagine that not only is the city under construction, but that all of us as human beings are always internally under construction; under construction to be someone better every day.

With this thinking in mind, I’ve made an analogy as it refers to coaching. I think that all people interested in the world of coaching, such as those who are already trained, those who are in the process of training and those who have experienced the power of this skill in their life, are all the builders of this profession.

I want to invite you to reflect together about the coach we are and the coach we want to be. How to do we look at ourselves? What questions do we ask ourselves? What statements do we make? What resources do we have? What is the impact of committing to build our profession?

Years ago this profession was not well known. By mentioning you are a Coach, Life Coach or Business Coach, many people immediately thought of some kind of training that would help them improve their lives. They immediately imagined that you had the magic formula to solve their problems. Today the same thing does not happen. Many people know coaching, organizations look for coaches to improve their business, and many people want to study it and train as a coach. That being said, I dare to say that it depends on us, yes! We, those who are passionate about coaching, we are the ones who have the responsibility to continue building this profession, we are the ones who will give future to the success of coaching.

Now, ask yourself, what kind of coach are you? Have you asked yourself this question before? How do you do coaching? How do you represent this profession?

To be a builder of this profession, you need to recognize yourself, know who you are, thank all, the good and the bad. We learn from all situations and understanding this helps us to be better coaches. When you appreciate and recognize it is easier to be present.

When you recognize and appreciate yourself, it means you can evaluate your coherence, know what defines you and what moves your being ... you have asked yourself: how coherent am I? Am I listening to my clients with coherence? I live the life that I believe or I just yearn for it and I tell it, but I have a hard time living it?

Evaluate your skills. In this coaching profession, what are the skills you use and how good are you using them? What skills do you still need to acquire? What new things are you learning?

Evaluate your impact. What impact are the competencies you know generating? Can you evaluate your results with any indicator? What do your clients tell you when they finish their coaching sessions with you? Are you sure that your sessions provide results?

Evaluate your relationships: We all know that relationships help us in our results. What are your relationships in the world of coaching? How many coaches do you know? How do you feed your relationships in the world of coaching?

Evaluate your transcendence. This has to do with the results that you are generating and that go beyond what was expected, those results that exceed your expectations. Like when someone tells you, you cannot imagine the impact that this coaching session has generated for me.

Evaluate your differences: You can observe your differences; can you notice the change that coaching has caused in your life? Are you aware that you are achieving your goals in your development as a coach?

If you evaluate all this and you think that some of these evaluations you did, do not satisfy your objective of being a coach, if your relationships as a coach are not what you want, if you are not generating the impact you imagined, no worries you are not in a wrong path, for all that there is a magical question. Yes, it's magic! And it's the following:

Can you do something?

If your answer is yes! The consequence is your feeling for responsibility. I believe that every coach has to be responsible for the coach they want to be, we must self-evaluate and if we do find something that does not satisfy us, always think about that question.

I particularly think that this question has a unique answer and it is YES!

YES! Go ahead and recognize yourself as a coach under construction. Never stop improving your coaching skills.

Stay updated and always offer the best of you so that way together we can build a better world, with more values.

Meet Angel Semeco

Angel Semeco is a native of Caracas Venezuela and has lived in United States since 2012. In Venezuela, Angel was a Senior Technology Consultant for over 10 years.

After moving to the US, he began engaging as a Social Media Expert, helping direct selling companies to mange social media marketing. Angel believes that coaching helps people focus on their goals and convinces them of their unlimited potential, always generating a structure where the dialogue reaches a logical conclusion. Coaching helps people to reach their essential purpose.

Angel can be reached at angel@multibrain.net.

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