A Sales Tip To Ponder: Practice

Posted on August 14th, 2017 by The DSWA

There is a fine line between being a great salesperson and turning into one of those pushy people who simply won't take no for an answer. While it is always a good thing to remain dedicated and persistent, it is important that you know when to push forward and when to back away so that you do not end up monopolizing anyone's time.

Sales Tip # 1:

  • Take no for an answer!

Whenever you are doing direct sales presentations, it is a good idea to find a decent balance that will allow you to capture your audience without dragging things on for an extended period of time.

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Unfortunately for many salespeople they are often just wasting time during the presentation which can actually lead to an inability to close a deal. You have to know how to balance out presentation time along with a solid sales pitch that will keep your potential buyers interested. While this technique can vary from person to person, the idea remains the same because everyone's time is important.

Have a great presentation to keep your audience interested at all times. Knowing just when to close will help you to be successful and get the sales that you need.

Sales Tip # 2:

  • Keep the presentation short and to the point.

Connecting with your audience can be key when it comes to locking in interest and gaining a sale. Talk with your audience, ask questions and try to get everyone involved. By interacting throughout your presentation, you will see that you are able to hold the focus of your audience for much longer.

Also, asking what your customer likes, doesn't like, what their goals are and what they like about certain products or services can also be a winning combination as you try to get them involved in the presentation.

Sales Tip # 3:

  • Don't just talk, connect with your audience!

Sometimes, coming off too strong and overselling your products and/or services can end up sounding like you are trying to overcompensate for a product that you may not necessarily believe in. If you are able to excite your audience with the product or the service that you can provide, you will be able to get their attention without creating unrealistic outcomes. Confidence is one thing, however overselling and too much hype can end up working against you in the end.

Sales Tip # 4:

  • Stay real and don't over sell your products, opportunity or services!

Finally, one of the most important tips that I can give you is to practice. Take the time to practice while you are in the car or in front of family members or friends. When you are properly rehearsed you will find that your presentation will go much more smoothly each time you are in front of a real audience.

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