Prescription for Summer Slumps

Posted on June 22nd, 2013 by Beth Jones-Schall

Do you suffer with the occasional Summer Slump in your business?

Most of us do in one way or another – either in a slump with bookings or a slump in our time management or a slump in our sales, or any other area of your business that you may struggle with in the summer months.

The good news is, there is a cure for Summer Slumps!  Following is a 6-step cure for the occasional Summer Slump!

1. Commit to daily dedication – renew your mindset that you have a business, not a hobby – a hobby costs you money and you attend to a hobby at your leisure. A business makes you money and you attend to business daily.

2. Schedule daily office time – a commitment to daily dedication needs to be seen on your daily schedule. Select a minimum of 1 hour a day, 5 days a week this summer to dedicate to your business. Following are 8 different activities to consider during your daily office hour that are productive “RGAs” – revenue generating activities:

summer slumps
  •           Make host coaching calls – extra in summer!
  •           Make check-in calls to past customers.
  •           Make recruit lead following calls.
  •           Make booking follow up calls.
  •           Tend to ongoing book shows/online shows/fundraiser/events.
  •           Close and submit shows recently held.
  •           Send email updates to customers and hosts.
  •           Update Facebook posts, Pinterest, Instagram.

3. Consider your kids – plan fun activities for your kids to coordinate with your daily office hour, such as:

  • A “phone call” basket of toys/books for younger kids to play with/read while mom is on the phone – or special DVD for older kids
  • Check your local library and bookstores for summer story hour for younger kids – take your iPad to work with while kids enjoy.
  • Check your church for VBS and summer day camp schedule.
  • Check with your local YWCA/YMCA for kid’s day camp schedules for classes and activities for all ages.
  • Check with your local art/pottery studios and craft stores for kids’ activity schedules.
  • Check with your local hardware store for kids’ make-it-take-it activity schedule – great opportunity for dads and kids while you work.
  • Swap “play dates” with other neighborhood moms.
  • Schedule time with grandma to visit with kids while you have office time.

4. Plan your party schedule for variety – your customers will appreciate your creative, flexible party times, such as a morning brunch party, early evening party, or a casual “open house” party for repeat groups to stop, shop and go.  Try the popular “You, Me & 3” party this summer, where the party is the hostess, you and 3 of her friends.

5. Take it to go – Make your business mobile this summer – be ready to go as you are on the go this summer.  Have a tote bag filled and ready to go with catalogs, samples, calendar, order forms, recruit info. Take it with you to share at the pool, ballgames, camping, vacation, family reunion, etc.

6. Decide in advance to overcome the obstacles – every day brings its own degree of challenges – summertime is no different.  So decide in advance that when you face a challenge or obstacle – cancelled show, no one answering their phones, non-responsive emails, low show sales – whatever the challenge, determine now that you will face it, meet it, conquer it.  Look for ways to make adjustments, try a new technique, use the multitude of ideas and tips you have learned previously, and keep going.  Persist – make adjustments and persist.