In the book Ultimate Success, author Frank Beaudine writes: “The Law of Reciprocity is one of the great truths of life because the more we give, the more we receive.”

Ethics Matter In Business

Though this reciprocity is not always one for one, or even immediate, it will happen.

Ethics and customer care count in business, and the greater you adhere to proper ethics and the more you help people, whether they buy from you or not, the more you will get in return.

It is true that when you give, others may give back and it is also true that others may not give back.

Deliberately pursuing the reciprocity may leave you frustrated and disappointed when those to whom you have given, fail to return the favor. However, giving without concern for reciprocity, often results in a return of benefits.

What Is The Law Of Reciprocity?

The law of reciprocity works by creating positive emotional experiences for yourself and others. Though it doesn’t always appear balanced, the world has an amazing way of finding balance, and this is often true in our business relationships.

The Law Of Reciprocity
You should not view your customers or your team members as merely potential pay checks. You should genuinely be interested in providing value to them; by providing value, you will receive value in return.

In the direct sales business, we often think that people buy the product. Though this is sometimes true, the products we sell are often not very unique. What is unique is our customer service; the tangible and intangible items that we offer to the customer when they purchase what we are selling. That is our gift to them, and they reciprocate by remaining loyal to us.

The Law of Reciprocity Begins With You

Help your customer, compliment your customer, listen to your customer, and value your customer. These acts start with you. Even if you believe potential customers will probably not buy from you, it never hurts to offer something of value. Though your effort may not be repaid immediately with a purchase, the law of reciprocity states that your kindness or help will eventually be repaid.

The most important aspect of the the law can be found in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson; “It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

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