Start Your Home Party Show On Time!

Posted on March 4th, 2019 by Deb Bixler

It is always important to start a home party show presentation on time!

Start Home Party Show On Time

No one likes it when a planned event goes off late because of a few stragglers.

Once you get in the habit of starting on time, you will retain good customers and develop a professional reputation.

Respect The On Time Guests

Your most important guests are the ones that arrive at home party show on time.

These are the people that respected your invitation and felt it was important to honor your arrangements. By starting on time you will be giving the same respect back to these important guests.

Set The Right Standard For Your Business

Even if you hostess wants to wait, it is a good idea to start your presentation at 15 minutes past the appointed time on the invitation and honor the guests who are there on time! It is unprofessional to hold off on an event because of a guest that is running late.

Your guests have other commitments and if you start late you end late which is disrespectful to those who are on time. Just say to the host “the most important people ARE here, so let’s start with an icebreaker to get to know each other then that will give the others time to get here.” Most likely if thye are 15 minutes late they will be a half hour or not at all, so do a quick introduction and roll right into your presentation.

If you allow late guests to dictate when your home parties start, then why should any of your invited guests bother to show up on time to your next event? When you start late you are disrespect your professionalism and the guest who are there on time.

Increase Home Party Sales

Repeat business is good business.  The guests that show up to your events on time are the ones who are interested in buying products and the ones that will help your business grow.

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Never hold up an event for late-arriving guests as that can start a very bad precedent.

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