MYTH: Direct Sales Is Outdated Method of Buying and Selling

Posted on July 31st, 2017 by The DSWA

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Is direct sales an outdated method of buying and selling? No, those who say direct sales is outdated are uninformed!

Not if you believe that knowledgeable and personalized customer service is important.

Most sales consultants get involved in the direct sales industry because they enjoy the personalized service of the business. Selling directly to consumers through home party plans, virtual parties and and other similar methods is becoming more popular; the industry has increased by billions of dollars over the past few decades.

Direct Sales Is Outdated? NO!

Is direct sales outdated? NO not at all... Instead of being outdated, it is actually fresh and innovative.

Sales consultants can select from many different products and services. They can offer these items to potential customers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This relaxed atmosphere offers the chance for consumers to try out products, watch and listen to demonstrations of the items and receive personalized information on entire product lines. Home party plans excite people to purchase new products at great prices. Home parties are fun for both the sales consultant and the consumers. Sales consultants feel more like party hosts and customer feel more like party guests.

What makes home party plans a great experience for most consumers is the party atmosphere. These parties offer drink, food, fun, laughter and a chance to learn about and purchase exciting gifts ranging from kitchen products to adult items. Sales consultants bring the information and the products to your neighborhood for easy purchasing. For customers, the buying experience is secure, fun and rewarding.

Many companies in the direct selling industry focus on education instead of sales. They expect that the sales will materialize after consumers are educated about the products.

Direct sales companies also provide quality education to their sales consultants so they are informed and knowledgeable when they go out to homes to give demonstrations and offer items for sale.

Direct Sales Is More Than Just Sales!

Selling products directly to consumers through one-one-one sales or home party plans fits perfectly with the modern sales mindset. Traditional sales is fundamentally about the sales pitch and closing the sale.

The modern sales mindset is more about starting a conversation instead of a sales pitch, and about developing relationships instead of closing a sale. By following a modern sales mindset, sales consultants can stop chasing sales and concentrate on providing information and excellent customer service.

The modern sales mindset allows salespeople to stop pressuring potential customers. By reducing sales pressure, both the seller and the buyer feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Today's well-informed and knowledgeable consumers demand a high level of customer service that many traditional retail establishments have trouble offering.

This is where the direct selling industry has an advantage; the nature of the business demands personalized service delivered to the potential customer in a relaxed and informal setting.

Is direct sales outdated?

Instead of being outdated, it can be considered the future of commerce in the United States. It may not replace traditional brick and mortar stores or online sales, but it will remain an integral part of sales methodology.

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