Good Recruiting Interview Questions

Posted on January 16th, 2017 by The DSWA

Often times sales consultants make the recruiting interview process too complicated. Don’t over complicate the process of recruiting consultants.

3 Good Recruiting Interview Questions

When interviewing applicants for your direct selling business these are some good starter questions:

  • Why does she or he want to sell the product your party plan company offers?

This question is vital because the answer will determine how passionate your prospect is about the product or about direct selling.

For instance, a person who has used the product and found it effective is already convinced of the value of the product. A person who truly believes in the product will make the most effective salesperson.

This is the secret behind the success of a salesperson. If the person is convinced that the product is excellent, then persuading others will become easy. When the potential customer sees the conviction and passion behind the salesperson’s words, he or she will be encouraged on to try the product.

A great sales consultant does not need to be pushy toward their clients when they have passion.

  • What goals do you have for your home party plan business?

This is another great question to ask a potential recruit. Great salespeople are excellent goal setters. They know which direction they are taking and how to reach their goals.

When their goals are very specific, such as to save $100,000 in 5 years and they have high expectations of themselves they will visualize their goals and be extremely driven. This will person will strive to achieve their goals on a daily basis.

  • How do you deal with obstacles?

The best home party plan business consultants have the tenacity to achieve their dreams little by little even in the face of great odds.

Every person who has a goal knows that there will always be obstacles in the way before reaching the desired end. Obstacles may loom in the path on a daily basis. It is what you do when faced with these obstacles that will determine how far you can go in direct selling.

The best home party plan business consultants find ways to remove the impediments or solve the problem. They do not give up the in the face of adversity.

Instead, it encourages them to try even more.

The Best Recruiting Interview

The best interview that will bring the best consultants to your team are ones that are simple and allow the potential distributor to see the advantages of joining.

Ask the right questions and they will talk themselves into joining!

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