Questions Questions Questions

As a coach I live in a world of questions. Asking questions is empowering.

Asking questions expands your mind and your vision.Great questions can lead to incredible growth and discovery. They allow for you uncover your own solutions.

This results in higher confidence and joy and a stronger connection to the action steps needed to move you towards your desired goals.

5 w's direct sales

The 5 W’s of Direct Sales

I recently read the 5 W’s of Life written by an unknown author. This inspired me to share my 5 W’s of Direct Sales.


The Five W’s of Direct Sales are:

  1. WHO will I share this with? Who will have my next show? Who do I know that will love this business? Who are the people who support me? Who can I go to for guidance?
  2. WHAT do I want my business to provide for me? What are my next steps? What is my vision? What can I do right now to push my business forward? What difference do I want to make in this world?
  3. WHEN will I make time for my work and for my family? When do I want my goals to be met? When will I know I have met my goals?
  4. WHERE do I go for help or support? Where will I be in one year? Where is my time best spent right now? Where will I find new teammates?
  5. WHY am I really doing this? WHY does this bring me joy? Why do I want to share my product?

As you ask yourself these questions.

I encourage you to take the time to answer them thoughtfully and to keep them in front of you.

I’m certain as you read through these questions that even more questions will arise for you.

My 5 W’s of Direct Sales are a powerful reminder in staying connected to what you want and how to get there. If you struggle with answering a question, then seek support and guidance from someone you trust or hire a coach to help you.