Who is Writing Your Story?

Posted on March 1st, 2023 by The DSWA

It is important to understand that every result in your business, whether it is a desired or an undesirable result, stems from a belief you have. Whether factual or a story you have told yourself (based on an experience or interaction, good or otherwise), whether a conscious thought or subconscious thought, intentional or not… your beliefs are calling all of the shots!

If beliefs inform your behaviors, and your behaviors dictate your results, who is checking in on your beliefs?

I’ve spent nearly half of my life in direct sales, and nearly all of my life influenced by the profession. I spent many impressionable years under tables at seminars, then became of age to grow thriving teams myself! I have traveled the world with a positive circle of powerful peers and have influenced from the largest of stages. – One might observe that I am “sold out” on my career choice… I am ALL IN!

I joined DSWA Coach Excellence School to better serve others, and if I’m honest, because the very BEST coaches I have encountered throughout my career had Coach Excellence School in common. Upon completion, not only did I walk away with more than I had hoped for to better serve those whom I influence, but I also found the resources needed to better serve myself in the process!

Friend, if you don’t hear anything else, hear this: It is possible (and likely) to be wholly “in” while subconsciously blind to areas holding you out of your greatness? Even while building thriving robust teams… even when powered by a crystal-clear vision…  If you aren’t uncovering and coaching through your subconscious beliefs, you are still not ALL IN!

While developing skills to powerfully coach others, the greatest gift of Coach Excellence School for me was gaining the ability to identify involuntary thoughts connected to memories or beliefs about myself through scars of the past; although buried decades ago, those beliefs had created neuro pathways which were subconsciously writing my story by dictating my behaviors!

The quality of questions you ask yourself are directly related to your quality of life! Coach Excellence School equipped me to use my real time feeling to prompt quality questions needed to uncover hidden beliefs, making it possible to swiftly shift any paradigm! Self-coaching allows me to confidently choose the beliefs that serve me to intentionally create the result I desire!

Who is writing your story?

What could you create if NOTHING was holding you back?

What would it look like to truly unlock your greatest self?

What could your future look like if you were equipped to help your team do the same?

What would it feel like to powerfully serve those whom you love most in this way?

What could you create in your life if NOTHING was holding your back?

The only question remaining: How soon will you get started?



Hanna is passionate about helping others build lucrative social selling businesses that help create lives with more freedom and flexibility, greater purpose, and a lot more FUN. Hanna’s direct, no-BS coaching that she’s given to thousands to help them transform the status quo, helps her fulfill her mission of eradicating the negative stigma around her profession. She’ll work on your mindset so you stop over complicating and start quieting negative voices in your head that limit your success.


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