Is Coach School worth it? That is the question I posed to my mentor 7 years ago when contemplating attending my first Coach Excellence School. At this time, I was a few years into running my direct sales business and was not where I wanted to be. I remember my mentor’s kind, direct answer “Yes. For me, my time is my most important asset and I am choosing to invest my time again.” That answer resonated with me deeply. So, I listened to her and made the investment to attend. Outside of starting my direct sales business and attending my company’s conference within my first year, this decision was one of the most impactful decisions I have made in my life.

Over the years, I have experienced and witnessed numerous a-ha moments because of coaching. Whether coaching someone, or being the one coached, it truly can be a magical moment. During my first coach school, our facilitator posed a question. It was an exercise to demonstrate taking immediate action and claiming your confidence. I remember jumping out of my seat and running up to the front of the room. That one moment altered how I saw myself. I can still picture that room with the people in it and the feeling I had. Another was when I was coaching a team member of mine who had a limiting belief around making money. I used Heart-Centered Listening and posed a question that made her pause. Then there was the shift. The shift that shook off that limiting belief. She went on to become a consistent and strong salesperson, building into her dream. Another was with a friend when we were both completing our year-end sales goals. With less than 48 hours to go, we had both hit a mental block. I remember suggesting we take a walk to get some air. In the middle of a muggy June day, I asked a coaching question. Suddenly, we both gained the clarity we had been lacking. Both of us discovered the answer we needed at that moment and went on to reach our goals.

Attending coach school radically improved my life both personally and professionally. It provided the framework to ask questions from a place of wonderment. It taught me how to develop my curiosity muscle. It showed me how to connect with others without an agenda and an expected outcome. It provided me with tools as I navigated an infertility diagnosis and divorce. It empowered me as I shifted my career. The more I used the skills of coaching over the years, both in my personal and professional life, the more it became clear to me – coaching is a way to see, live and be in the world.

So back to the original question “Is it worth it to attend Coach Excellence School?” I can wholeheartedly say yes.


Amanda Nieman is an initiative-taker experienced in leading teams while creating a healthy, inclusive culture. Her career has ranged from a science research assistant to running a successful self-employed business for more than 8 years. Amanda currently works in the talent management space where she develops, coordinates, and leads key elements of a talent strategy. Her diverse career background allows her to think creatively to find solutions for any mission-driven organization. Outside of work, Amanda loves to cycle, weight lift, and run. Most weekends you will find her visiting local restaurants and listening to live music.