Enhancing Knowledge, Clarity & Performance Via Coaching

Posted on February 18th, 2019 by Guest Blogger

Enhancing Knowledge, Clarity and Performance Through Coaching
By: Bunmi Ajibade

I have been a Teacher and Trainer for over 30 years. I was introduced to Coaching about 18 years ago as a way to make my training more effective and yield successful results. According to a study published in Personnel Public Management it was revealed that training by itself increased productivity by 22.4%; while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%.

Coaching was presented as a checklist directing me to how I needed to think and perform my duties successfully. I was as confused as the person attempting to coach me who was following a process they didn’t understand. My first attempt to coach was horrible. I became curious to want to learn more about the role of coaching in my personal development and business growth, and how my clients would benefit when I added coaching to my trainings.

I struck Gold in coaching that will eventually become a bridge that connects all the pieces of my life together in a way that begins to make sense. I am now able to coach my clients effectively as they also navigate different aspects of their lives.

Enhancing Knowledge Through Coaching

Coaching is a skill that needs to be sharpened daily as you use it intentionally.

I was coming from being stuck all my life. That doesn’t mean I was not working, I was very busy running many businesses. And, I didn't have the results I expected so I worked harder. I had several accidental wins and successes that, looking back, could have been greater if I had a coach to help me navigate what was going on in my life. I was stressed, felt used, angry at times and did not understand the value of self-love and care. I burned out!!!

A lot of people are stuck in life, business, relationships, career, thoughts, etc. They go through different emotions but are still stuck. Or, they are busy doing the same things or come up with new programs and incentives to grow but are still stuck. They are on autopilot. I have been all the above. Investing in coaching has made me more intentional, living my truth and being a better coach to my clients.

How did coaching help me move from being on autopilot to living intentionally?

Coaching can be a tool that supports you to move from being on autopilot to living intentionally. I use this in supporting my clients to get unstuck and operate in their greatness.

From my personal experience and from my clients’ testimonials, these are some of the benefits of coaching:

  • Coaching provides increased awareness, focus and clarity of where you are, where you intend to go and how it aligns with your life purpose.
  • Coaching provides elevated thinking where you are challenged to move away from mediocrity into intentional growth.
  • You become open to more possibilities in alignment with who you were created to be.
  • Coaching introduces you to yourself in a way you have never seen or believed you could see.
  • It helps to transition from Training (Telling) to Coaching which brings out the brilliance in the Coachee.

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The Impact Of Advanced Coach School In My Life

Advanced Coach School raised my skills up a notch. The class elevated my Heart-Centered Listening skills so that I am not only hearing what is being said but focusing on the totality of the person as I read between lines to understand the meaning behind their words. The quality of questions I ask helps me bring my client to a breakthrough faster than before.

My questions become more intentional to move my clients to take action faster. I am more grounded in my emotions, focus and intentions during conversations with my clients as I become better at active listening.

Invest in learning to coach, enhancing knowledge in such a way to see greater results for all.

About Guest Blogger, Bunmi Ajibade

Bunmi Ajibade is an inspirational leader and influencer who believes that with proper training, coaching and mentorship, we can create economic value and higher productivity for individuals, companies, and communities. Bunmi is an accomplished teacher and trainer with over 30 years of experience. She has been a successful Business coach for the past 18 years serving commissioned professionals especially in the direct selling industry. She coaches entrepreneurs on business development and sustainable business growth.
Bunmi can be reached at consultant@clarole.com

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