Start With The Why, By Cath Bently

Posted on April 30th, 2018 by Guest Blogger

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By DSWA Coach Excellence School Graduate, Cath Bently.

Since the beginning of time and man’s ability to learn new skills, various factors have always come into play as to how that process happens. From babies learning to feed themselves to children learning how to catch a ball, elements such as visual, kinaesthetic and auditory teachings have been used as these are the basis of how we learn. A mother demonstrating by opening her mouth when putting food in her baby’s mouth to show the actions needed. A parent bouncing a ball a few times before throwing to show the use of the ball and that if the catch doesn’t happen the ball will bounce by. These are what I like to refer to as “Meat and Potato” skills and these Meat and Potato are key to effective How To’s in our world of Direct Selling.

Meat and Potato skills is what I based my training on and had great success with my Teams in various roles of Direct Selling. Basic skills such as how to set up your display, how to talk about bookings, how to date events. However, it wasn’t until I started to engage in the emotion of why we do what we do that made all the difference. The emotion of why was something I actually stumbled across a long time ago when faced with a Team member who was at a crossroad in her Direct Selling journey. She needed to up her game in terms of income from her business or face the alternative of getting a “real job.” It was during our conversation that I set aside my own interests in keeping her in my Team and really discussed Why she had a Direct Selling business and what it meant to her. When we discussed her Why the tears flowed out of her as she wanted to be a success on her own terms after years of feeling like a failure. The discovery of her Why was a turning point for her and her success but also for me as a Leader. On realisation of the power of the Emotional Why it started to change the business of my Team and myself.
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Fast forward a few years and the discovery of the DSWA Coach Excellence School Program, which formalised the “discovery” I had about finding and working with a Team Member’s Why has completely changed my view and therefore my actions around how I approach not only training but also life. Today I start my trainings with their Why as it now gives me the basis of what they want to achieve. Starting with their Why also empowers my Team with a heart centred connection, the driving force, to make it happen. Add to this the Meat and Potato skills training and this in turn creates a well-rounded, committed Team member who is connected to Why they do what they do and have the skills to know how to do it.

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Cath Bentley has been a Trainer for over 20 years and a Coach for the past 10 years. Cath’s training experiences have been mainly in Direct Selling and she has also trained in the Retail Industry from day one starting through to various levels of Management. Leadership is Cath’s key area and one that she supports others to thrive in. Cath is a Certified DSWA Coach. She can be reached at

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