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Meet the online sales meeting platform that helps sales professionals earn more money by converting attendees into paying customers. Meetn gives you multiple ways to promote your websites and social media accounts. Create interactive and engaging events by bringing your most popular links, forms, and web pages right into your room. Or stream events to your followers on up to five social media sites at once for maximum engagement.

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Meetn widgets let you build custom features within Meetn. Use them to promote your products, services, or links, or to share media files and documents with one click. Create libraries of custom widgets that upload to user rooms at sign up. Pre-program multimedia meetings that guide users through successful meeting formats. And insert replicated referral links into every event to ensure users get credit for their sales.

  • Chat Highlights: Spotlight exceptional comments, questions, and answers from your chat feed.
  • Social Streaming: Stream live events to up to five additional websites to maximize your reach.
  • Media Sharing: Upload audio, video, and PDF files to the cloud for streaming or download.
  • Bookmark Bar: Create colorful, interactive button bars to share popular links with attendees.
  • User Controls: Assign multiple users to edit and update your in-room widgets and settings.
  • Webpage Popper: Share live forms and interactive web pages with attendees in your room.
  • Presenter Notes: Create and share scripted presentations for your field to use on any device.
  • API Integration: Leverage REST API to build widgets that connect to your software.

NEW! ProTrack Events: Create multilevel events that work for your distributors to share. Each field rep receives a personal link that directs event attendees to their own replicated shopping and registration sites, so they get credit for their sales and conversions.