The Goal Reset Button

Posted on March 12th, 2018 by John Hackett

Here we are! It is March.

There was lots excitement when you set your goals in January. What do you see today as you look at your progress. I bet today as you look back at those goals you are in one of four groups.

  1. Going great, on a roll!
  2. Going ok on some not going so well on others.
  3. Going not so well on many of the goals
  4. Not going anywhere!

Research tells us that most people are in the last two groups after 30 days and will give up their goals as will most of group 2 and many in group 1.
You have two choices (yes choices). You can give up, using any one of a myriad of excuses.The other choice is to ”hit the reset button” just like you do when your electronic device isn’t working.The device just needs to restart to work.This may be true for you.

The Goal Reset Button

Remember the Jackson 5 song “It’s as Simple as ABC?”

The ABC’S of the goal reset process are:

  • Affirm yourself and your passions (Your Why) for what you do and decide to reset.
  • Ask your self honestly what has worked, what didn’t and what could be done differently without judgment.
  • Ask for support, seek out a coach to support your process. A coach will work with you and provide insights and clarity.This does not have to be a solo journey.
  • Begin an honest review of the goals you set. Do they match your Why? Did you set too many goals in your January enthusiasm?
  • Burn those goals that don’t match your Why and priorities.
  • Beliefs are important. Review and keep the affirming beliefs and drop the self-defeating ones.
  • Commit to writing down your Why, and your goals. Review them every morning and reflect on them every evening to keep your focus.
  • Commit to using the support of your coach.
  • Cut yourself some slack.There will be good days, and there will be learning days. In both types of days coaching support will be the best late Christmas gift you give yourself.

Will this be easy? Probably not, especially if your goals are worthwhile

Is it too late to start? No!

Remember another song from the Broadway musical Seesaw -“It’s not where you start it’s where you finish.”

Work the ABC’s, use a coach, and you will be at the top when you cross the finish line.

About the Author

John Hackett, Ed.D is an accomplished and experienced coach, trainer, and leader in a variety of nonprofit and direct sales settings. He has 45 years of professional experience serving as professor, licensed counselor, and high school administrator, as well as a university administrator. John is a DSWA Certified Trainer and can be reached at