ELITE Leadership Program Policies

The DSWA Leadership Development Program (Introduction to ELITE, Live ELITE, or ELITE Online Certification) (hereinafter “ELITE Program”) was established to serve companies who understand the value of working in partnership with the DSWA to develop leaders in today’s marketplace. We understand how top income earners in direct sales experience the success others only dream of achieving.

Upon entering our programs, you are asked to honor the following ELITE Program policies.


Our vision is to provide participants with the necessary tools to empower themselves and others to achieve their dreams. True leaders are in a constant state of self-assessment, always looking for ways to grow themselves and their businesses.

Graduation/Course Completion

In order to graduate or complete any ELITE Program you must participate in all program elements, including participation in all workshops, webinars, coaching sessions, enter the surveys, complete the advancement forms and submit the final graduation assessment.

DSWA Code of Ethics

All students, trainers and coaches are required to acknowledge and adhere to the DSWA Code of Ethics in order to ensure that the DSWA and the ELITE Program remain safe and supportive places for all direct sellers.

  • Never approach, solicit or invite another member or guest to consider or enroll with your direct selling company either at or following an event.
  • Network in a spirit of mutual support and respect for each individual’s choice.
  • Conduct yourself in a sincere and professional manner at all times.
  • Members or guests who violate this code will be asked to leave and may be barred from participation in future DSWA events.

DSWA is in the business of training and education, and we respect that our students attend the ELITE Program to learn and not to participate in a business network. You are asked to respect this environment by not promoting your practice, products, publications or any service, or send information of any kind to anyone at the ELITE Program unsolicited. The use of student rosters, ELITE Program student lists, or your own personal mailing lists that include people you’ve met at the ELITE Program to send promotional or advertising information unsolicited, including but not limited to the above is prohibited.

Code of Conduct

DSWA expects all students to conduct themselves in a professional and businesslike manner while attending all live events and webinars. Students should act honestly, never make private use of, nor disclose without authorization, any confidential information, always treat others in a courteous and professional manner. When you are in doubt about the ethical implications of an action, seek advice before you act.

Students should address any challenges with the program by emailing ELITE@dswa.org or calling 888-417-0743 or +1 808-230-2427.

Payment of Fees

It is our policy to combine respect for the changing needs and circumstances of our students with the fact that our prices and programs are designed based on continuing student participation. Accordingly, we ask you to respect the following policies regarding payment of fees.

  • Students enrolled in the ELITE Program must pay the tuition in full at the time of registration, unless otherwise set forth on the registration page.
  • Students on a payment plan program must adhere to the agreed plan or their online ELITE account may be inactivated until payments are made current.

Late Payment Fee

We ask that you communicate with a DSWA Service Representative should you find yourself unable to honor your payment plan arrangement. DSWA reserves the right to charge a late fee of $25 when a payment is unable to be processed or not received on the agreed upon date.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

All refunds must be requested in writing to ELITE@dswa.org. Any approved refunds will be processed within 30 days.

  • ELITE Online Certification Program 

    This Program is non-refundable. No refunds will be issued for any cancellations following registration and/or enrollment in the Program. At DSWA’s discretion, a credit may be issued for registration in a future Program or event.

  • Introduction to ELITE and Live ELITE Leadership 

    The following refund policy applies to those enrolled in an Introduction to ELITE or Live ELITE Leadership (1 or 2-Day) Event:

    • 60 days prior to the event – 100% refund
    • 31-59 days prior to the event – 50% refund
    • No refund within 30 days of the event

Intellectual Property

The DSWA programs, materials and curriculum, including presentations, outlines, training programs, coaching programs, exercises, instructions and all other materials, including information contained in and all content provided in the ELITE Program are the intellectual property of DSWA and protected under federal and international copyright laws and may not be published, copied, distributed, released or quoted without DSWA’s explicit written consent. Any duplication or release of any of the ELITE Program materials or any other DSWA copyright-protected materials is strictly prohibited.


Students enrolled in the ELITE Program consent to the recording of his/her voice for broadcast by DSWA in whole or in part, without restriction or limitation including but not limited to the DSWA website(s). Students also consent to the use of their name, likeness, voice, and biographical material in connection with the ELITE Program publicly and for promotional purposes, and further agree to waive the right to inspect or approve any such use of their name, likeness, voice, or biographical material. Students expressly release DSWA, its officers, agents, employees, licensees, and assignees, from any and all claims, including copyright, privacy, and defamation arising out of any broadcast, exhibition, publication, or promotion of the Program.

Students enrolled in the ELITE Program acknowledge that he/she may have been granted permission by DSWA to record and/or have access to audio recordings of the ELITE Program for his/her personal use, and agrees that the recording(s) may not be used or released for any other purpose.

Students further acknowledge and agree that information contained in the recordings and all content of the ELITE Program is protected under federal and international copyright legislation and may not be published, released, or quoted without DSWA’s explicit written consent.

Students further acknowledge and agree that at the discretion of the trainer, audio recording may be prohibited during portions of the sessions, which may involve personal discussion and/or self-disclosure.