ELITE Leadership®

For more than a decade, the DSWA has studied how top-earning leaders in direct sales create and maintain their success. From how they use their time to how they nurture leadership qualities in others, we understand how they achieve the success others only dream of.

The DSWA Way

Unveiling the truth about leadership within our profession is great only if we can also offer practical, proven solutions that effectively address the challenges. So the ELITE Leadership Faculty went to work to “demystify” the role of a leader within direct sales and now share them through the ELITE Leadership training. The results have been truly life-changing!

The DSWA offers three levels of ELITE Leadership to suit your team’s needs, with each new level offering a deeper understanding, experience and plan for success:

Introduction to ELITE Leadership

Length: 3-5 Hour Live Training
Investment: $55-75
Who this is for:
Beginning team members with a desire to create a solid foundation of high-quality leadership skills. Veteran sellers looking for the spark their team needs to achieve the next step in their success journey.
What you can expect:
This innovative program consists of a 3-hour ELITE Leadership® training and an optional 2-hour Principle-Centered Coaching® workshop. Your time will be filled with interactive exercises, the 5 key elements for leadership success, and action steps that you can take to immediately apply all that you learn.

Get in touch with us to learn about hosting an event for your team with Nicki, Grace or one of the DSWA Certified Trainers!


Live ELITE Leadership

Length: 1 or 2-Day Live Training
Investment: $199-$399
Who this is for: Established direct selling leaders.
What you can expect:
Live ELITE Leadership is an action packed two days for direct sellers with a desire to increase their sales, grow their organization, expedite their personal rate of rank advancement, and take their business to the next level and beyond. This express training combines interactive exercises with valuable self-reflection for a life-enhancing experience you will remember. Throughout the event you will receive personal training & coaching. This is a unique chance to connect with other successful leaders and access DSWA’s ELITE Leadership material for rapid learning that creates rapid results.

Get in touch with us to learn about hosting an event for your team with Nicki, Grace or one of the DSWA Certified Trainers!



ELITE Leadership Certification

Length: One year of access to complete your certification at a speed that works best for you!
Investment: $499
Who this is for: Direct sellers of all levels, from brand new to top-earning.
What you can expect:
Explore all 6 ELITE Leadership modules in-depth, including one module exclusive to Certification – Business Management. By offering both live and recorded training, you get to choose when to learn and how fast.


  • One year of access to the Course Website providing invitations to Guides, Handouts, Forms, Resources and Training Tools
  • Your one year of access includes one monthly group coaching call with a DSWA Certified Coach
  • Bonus learning resources: Build it Big and More Build It Big eBooks and the Build It Big eWorkbook delivered to you via email.
  • Graduates earn an industry-recognized ELITE Leadership Certification which we encourage them to display proudly in their business materials and communications.

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