DSWA Coach Excellence® School Policies

Upon beginning your selected program, you are asked to honor and accept DSWA Coach Excellence School policies.

Coach School Express (Level 1)

This program delivers proven effective direct sales specific coach training for leaders, company executives, existing coaches and those interested in registering for DSWA Advanced Coach School or Coach School Certification. Requirements necessary to complete Coach School Express are as follows:

  • Attendance and completion of the Live Workshop (Coach School Express).
  • Payment in full.

Advanced Coach School (Level 2)

This program offers innovative coaching curriculum to further develop and expand upon the initial Coach School Express training.

Requirements necessary to complete Advanced Coach School are as follows:

  • Completion of the Live Workshop (Coach School Express).
  • Attendance and completion of the Live Workshop (Advanced Coach School).
  • Completion of 2 Group Coaching Sessions within 6 months from the date of the live Advanced Coach School.
  • Successful completion of 3 Proficiencies in a One-on-One or Group Setting.
  • Payment in full.

Coach School Certification (Level 3)

If you have attended Coach School Express, Advanced Coach School and have a strong desire to become a professional coach serving direct sellers and direct selling executives, you may consider becoming a DSWA Certified Coach.

Requirements necessary to complete Coach School Certification are as follows:

  • Completion of the Live Workshop (Coach School Express).
  • Completion of the Live Workshop (Advanced Coach School).
  • Attendance and completion of the Live Workshop (Coach School Certification).
  • Completion of 2 Group Coaching Sessions within 6 months from the date of the live Advanced Coach School event.
  • Completion of 2 Private Mentor Coaching Sessions within 6 months from the date of the live Coach School Certification event.
  • Successful completion of 6 Proficiencies in a One-on-One or Group Setting (3 Advanced School Coach Proficiencies and 3 Coach School Certification Proficiencies).
  • Completion of the Coach Excellence Graduation Essay.
  • Payment in full.

COVID-19 Event Policy

Coach Excellence School makes every effort to provide a safe experience for all Students. Participants attending any in-person DSWA event are encouraged to review and adhere to all guidelines established by the CDC to protect themselves from COVID-19.
If you are experiencing any symptoms connected with COVID-19, have been recently diagnosed or had direct contact with a suspected COVID-19 case within 14 days of the in-person event, we ask you to notify us immediately so that we can transfer your registration to a future school.
Attendees understand that even though Coach Excellence School will take precautionary measures as outlined by the CDC, that participation carries inherent risks of COVID-19 transmission. By signing-in for the event, Students are attending of their own freewill. Any Participant that does not feel safe attending may transfer their registration to a future school (online or in-person).

DSWA Code of Ethics

All students and coaches are required to acknowledge and adhere to the DSWA Code of Ethics to ensure that the DSWA and Coach Excellence School remain safe and supportive.

You agree to:

  • Never approach, solicit or invite another member or guest to consider or enroll with your direct selling company either at or following an event.
  • Network in a spirit of mutual support and respect for each participant.
  • Conduct yourself in a sincere and professional manner at all times.

Members or guests who violate this code will be asked to leave and may be barred from participation at future DSWA courses and events.

DSWA is in the business of training and education. We respect that our students attend Coach Excellence School to learn and not to participate in a business network. You are asked to respect this environment by not promoting your practice, publications or opportunity, or to send information of any kind to anyone at the Coach Excellence School unsolicited. Nor may you use student rosters or Coach Excellence School student lists to mail promotional or advertising information unsolicited, including and not limited to the above.

Code of Conduct

DSWA expects all students to conduct themselves in a professional and businesslike manner while attending all live events and webinars. Students should act honestly, never make private use of, nor disclose without authorization, any confidential information and always treat others in a courteous and professional manner. When you are in doubt about the ethical implications of an action, seek advice before you act.

We ask that you address any challenges you may have with the Coach School Coordinator at coach@dswa.org or call 808-230-2427 or +1 808-230-2427.

Fees & Payment Plans

We ask that you respect the following policy regarding payment of fees:

  • Students registered for any level of DSWA Coach Excellence School must pay the tuition in full prior to the beginning of the event unless an extended payment plan has been pre-approved in advance. (*Additional service charges will apply).
  • Payment plans may be available during registration for a limited time. The availability, number of payments, and expiration of each payment plan option is determined based on the School’s event date. All payment plans are subject to an initial one-time finance charge.
  • Students that default on a payment will be assessed an additional $25 USD late fee per month until fees are paid in full.
  • Registration fees that are not paid in full prior to the event will be assessed a $50 USD service charge.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

All cancellations must be requested in writing to Coach@dswa.org.

All DSWA Coach Excellence School Students:

All programs are non-refundable. A credit may be issued for attendance at a future Coach School program. If a credit for attendance at a future event is issued, a fee of $300 will be assessed for cancellations occurring less than 30 days prior to the event. Such assessment will be made at the time the transfer is made.


Students requesting to cancel their registration due to travel restrictions or unforeseen circumstances in connection with COVID-19 may opt to receive recorded instruction through the DSWA Coach School Webinar Series and transfer to a future live event at the return student discounted registration rate.

Intellectual Property

To protect the intellectual property rights of DSWA you are asked to honor all copyrights, by not duplicating or releasing any of our coach school materials. These are for your exclusive use and may not be shared, with the exception of coaching assessment/development tools designed specifically for use by Coach Excellence School coaches to support working with individual team members or client.

You may not use our materials or intellectual property to train other coaches without the express written permission of DSWA. The DSWA Principle-Centered Coaching® and associated training materials are registered trademarks of DSWA. If you distribute these materials in any way, you will be in violation of this agreement and may face legal consequences.

The undersigned further acknowledges and agrees that information contained in the recordings and all content of the DSWA Coach Excellence School® is protected under federal and international copyright legislation and may not be published, released, or quoted without DSWA’s explicit written consent and without properly identifying and crediting DSWA.

The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that at the discretion of the trainer, audio-recording may be prohibited during portions of the sessions, which may involve personal discussion and/or self-disclosure.

The undersigned acknowledges that violation of this agreement may subject you to liability under copyright laws and or civil litigation.