You've Created Your Vision Board....Now What?

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Speaker: Barbara Pellegrino

Time: August 20, 2013


Join Barbara Pellegrino as she guides you in the next steps to actualizing your Vision Board’s Goals and Dreams.

Have you ever participated in a “Lets make a Vision Board “ event... as a NEW YEARS group activity or team building exercise? You had a great time but have no idea what’s next or how to utilize your board to YOUR best advantage?

This interactive teleclass will give you all the answers!

What you will learn from attending this class:

* Understand the purpose of a Vision Board and its impact.
* Where to put your board and why.
* Discover the 3 ways to use your board.
* Save time by knowing the 3 speeds you can use to materialize your board.
* What to do when some of your goals are achieved, yet others are not.
* Your questions answered live on the call!
* Download your handout now!

About Barbara Pellegrino:

Barbara’s passion and expertise is in helping you create a Vision Board that REALLY WORKS! …and coaching busy entrepreneurs to fast track their well deserved success.

Barbara Pellegrino is a renowned Vision Board Success Trainer, Certified Visionary Life and Executive Business Coach, PCC.,CEC., DSWA Coach School Faculty Trainer & Mentor coach, NLP Facilitator, Accelerated Learning Trainer, Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Development System™ and twice published author. Barbara is a considered a world authority in Vision Boards. She has been living her dream life since 1994 and is eager to assist you in living yours!"

About Vision Boards:

Many people’s Vision Boards are ineffective, because they don’t know what to do with them… and some people make one every year!

Instead of being used as powerful support tools…their Vision Boards become merely pretty collages, decorating the walls.  It is easy to create a pretty collage and about 5% of the people who create a Vision Board get seemingly miraculous results, the other 95% require guidance and coaching before anything actually happens for them.

To design and create a Vision Board that works for you as a powerful support tool ... you need the insider secrets which you don’t casually discover on your own. Don't mess around with guessing... It starts with your clear vision and knowing what to do next!