Using Digital and Social Media to Connect with Women and Women of Color

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Speaker: Miriam Muley

Time: December 17, 2013


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This exclusive DSWA Diversity teleclass provides important facts and information about the growing use of social media and digital marketing to reach, build relationships and generate e-commerce among the $7 trillion dollar women's market.

Join Miriam Muley, CEO of The 85% Niche and expert in marketing and inclusion best practices for women and women of color to learn more about how you can jump start 2014 with the power of technology at your side!

About Miriam Muley:

The Nation’s Leader in Marketing to Women of All Colors

Miriam is a highly sought after expert in marketing to women--Latina, Black, White, Asian---a growing $3-trillion dollar market.

More than ever, women represent a dynamic multiplicity of ethnicities, cultures and lifestyles. Our mission is to be a strategic marketing and business-solutions partner with those who are serious about tapping into the $3 trillion dollar power of women--Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Native American, Bi-Cultural/Bi-Racial, young, affluent and mature. We want to dispel the myth that women, who account for 85% of all purchase decisions, are a niche. They are a majority power consumer group capable of delivering exceptional revenue and profit.

The 85% Niche will help strategically navigate this multi-dimensional, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural female buyer through proactive brand consultation:
• How to Position Your Products to Women of Color
• Identifying New Product Opportunities
• How to Recruit and Retain Women of Color in Direct Selling
• What is Your Competitive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
• What is the Best Advertising Message and Strategy to Reach this Trillion Dollar Market

The 85% Niche also provides workshops and group training on diversity, marketing and selling to women and women of color, developing a business plan and tracking for success. Here is an example of Ms. Muley’s workshops—available now!

Women of Color Workshop Guide PLUS Women of Color Presentation

This one-hour consultation and 90-page workshop focuses on African American women and provides specific tools on marketing best practices to reach this critical audience across a variety of products and services—beauty, personal care, home and cooking products, financial services and more. It also contains articles, references, and website links for further research study. A 54-page presentation on the Women of Color market is included as part of this program.
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Watch for Ms. Muley’s new book, The 85% Niche, The Power of Women of All Colors, to be released this year.