To Change Your Life, HOPE!

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Speaker: Teri Werner

Time: May 21, 2013


As a Transformational Coach and Leader, creating a culture of change in lives requires assisting those reaching out for true change in reactivating the courage to Hope. Change is sometimes an easier concept than the reality of Hope. Looking for change, even having a willingness to change requires Hope to be present in some form. Whether Hope is present as a seed or in full bloom in those we lead or coach, the Coach Excellence gives us the capacity and core tools to leverage the little Hope that may be in place to become a platform from which true change and accelerated advancement can be achieved.

Do you feel disappointed with your results, where you are in your life and business?
Do you feel less passion about that which you have been passionate about?
Do you feel less fulfillment of your purpose?

All of the answers to these questions may be found in reactivating HOPE!

Join the DSWA teleclass and hear deep insights on:

  • The Purpose and Power of Hope
  • How to create acceleration in life and business through Hope
  • How to inspire and instill Hope in those who feel Hopeless
  • How to activate a seed to become a Harvest of Hope!

Join DSWA Coach Excellence Coach, Teri Werner and learn the importance of activating the seed of HOPE in the lives of those you lead or coach to achieve their dreams.

About Teri Werner:

Teri’s quest for excellence is best expressed in her one-on-one coaching, key note presentations and seminars and leadership materials.

As founder of Walking in Excellence, a coaching and training program, Teri motivates others in connecting and creating a culture of excellence through her series “Desperate for Destiny”.

Teri's experience and expertise led to co-founding a home-based business, which she grew into a publicly-traded multi-million dollar corporation. In these times Teri experienced both destiny and dilemmas giving her the expertise to assist others in successfully in navigating their journey from dilemma to destiny. Teri’s transformational insights create successful outcomes through incorporating transformational spiritual principles in business and life.
Walking In Excellence

Teri inspires and motivates others to create a culture of excellence from the Inside-Out, in both their personal and business life.  Successful outcomes are accelerated through her transformational insights which are the basis of her life-changing speaking, coaching and leadership resources, “Changing Hearts in a Changing World”. The essence of the transformation received is basis of her empowerment series, “Changing Hearts in a Changing World”, which creates immediate authentic connections, powerful team building, accelerated spiritual, personal and business growth.