The Power of Duplication

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Speaker: Linda Dunn

Time: October 1, 2013


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Join Linda Dunn as she unveils the lifecycle of duplication success! Having a good strategy and being consistent are the keys to building a large successful team. But having a duplicatable strategy will lead you to the top through exponential and sustainable growth!

This DSWA Teleclass will help you start to build toward lasting business success.

We will cover the five steps of the process:

  1. Become Knowledgeable: Why becoming a student of the business is key.
  2. Model Success: How setting the pace dictates the pace of the team.
  3. Enlighten Them: How to enrich your team with fundamentals and resources.
  4. Using the Coach Approach: How coaching is key to the process.
  5. Let them Fly: How to let them leave the nest successfully.

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About Linda Dunn:

Linda has enjoyed 23 years of bringing out the best practices and productivity of women and men in the direct selling industry. As a Business Coach she has worked with business builders who, with personalized, principled centered coaching, have enjoyed a professional and personal transformation. She is a Graduate of the Direct Selling Woman’s Alliance Coach Excellence Certification program and is part of the DSWA Coach Referral program.

Linda has been head of Sales, Field Development and Training at several direct selling companies. She personally identified and oversaw a successful business relationship with each company’s highest potential leaders. As a Coach and Trainer, Linda had the pleasure of working with leaders with various skills and talents. That work provided her with a broad scope of experience with various methodologies, concepts and business styles. Her passion has always been to help Independent Representatives put their unique strengths and greatness to work in their business everyday.

As a coach, Linda views herself as a partner with her clients, with an eye to helping them fulfill their personal and professional goals. Coaching is truly her life's work and enormously fulfilling.