The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

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Speaker: Gloria Boyne

Time: April 3, 2012


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US (559) 546-1301
CANADA (559) 546-1333
AUSTRALIA (1300) 781-250
UK (01784) 843-2915
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To continually grow your business by reaching new people and not leave your current customers once they buy from you once. To keep the clients you have worked so hard to attain and keep them coming back for more.

About Gloria Boyne:

Gloria is a direct selling authority in North America. With over thirty -three years of experience as a top producer in a global direct selling company She constantly led by example. She led her multi - million organization to consistent top five in Canada for the last 10 years, retiring in 2011 in the number four position.
She holds a Certified Business Coaching credential from the World Association of Business Coaches; has helped thousands and thousands from coast to coast in North America to achieve results. Gloria already has a thriving coaching practice with direct sellers. Her clients love having a 30-60-90 day action plan for results.

Her expertise in the profession provides her with great insights as she coaches groups of emerging leaders as well as top leaders in a variety of companies.
If you desire to be a top leader in a direct selling company, and you want to work smarter with better word tracks, scripts and systems, not just work hard....with personalized, internalized discipline and action systems. You will be grateful about your higher income coaching with Gloria. Her unique ability to challenge leaders to be their best, design action plans with them, and hold them accountable serves her as a coach to those who want to grow.

Gloria lives in the Edmonton, Canada.