The Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation; the Coaching Secret

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Speaker: Barbara Pellegrino

Time: April 1, 2014


Join us for this DSWA Teleclass with Barbara Pellegrino, DSWA Certified Coach and Faculty Member as she divulges the Coaching Secret; the difference between inspiration and motivation.
During this class Barbara explores with our listneres how to recognize the difference motivation and inspiration, not just in yourself, but in others!  This class will also explore how coaching is the key that leads to inspiration.

This live Teleconference call is open to all listeners at the time of the call. As a benefit of membership, DSWA Members can retrieve this call from the DSWA Members-only archives!

About Barbara Pellegrino:

Barbara Pellegrino is a Certified Professional, Business and Life Coach (ICF, iPEC and DSWA certified) specializing in supporting entrepreneurial women in achieving their dreams, from the inside out.

Barbara helps you on many levels:

  • Specifically targeting your passion and unique driving force
  • Helping you understand and harmonize the potential of your “emotional why”
  • Gaining clarity and control over your energy levels
  • Coaching with Barbara helps you align your inner power to creatively and efficiently, strategize and fast track your success.

Barbara is a faculty member and presenter for the DSWA Coach Excellence School in both the USA and Australia, and she is the CEO and founder of Creative Living Seminars LLC. a Honolulu based training company that provides Executive Coaching, Vision Board Success Seminars, Webinars, Teleseminars and Workshops around the globe.

Barbara brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your personal coaching and group trainings. Having studied and worked in the professional and personal development fields since 1991, Barbara is extremely skilled and fluent in many, complimentary and varied disciplines, which enables her to coach you, by meeting you where you are and helping you to quickly get to the root, gain clarity and momentum, to easily fast track your results.

Barbara’s coaching is masterfully conversational enabling you to thoroughly enjoy the coaching process and experience lasting transformation from the core.