Organizational Tips for Direct Sellers

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Speaker: Nancy Korzyniewski


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DSWA Certified Trainer and Accredited Coach, Nancy Korzyniewski hosts this featured Teleclass-ic: Organization Tips for Direct Sellers!

Is your home office space inviting and inspiring?

Or is it cluttered and a little depressing?

What kinds of systems and habits could dramatically change your ability to reduce stress and allow success to find you?

Join us as Nancy Korzyniewski explores the unique challenges that home-based businesses face in terms of organization and find out what can work for your life and your business!

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About Nancy Korzyniewski:

Nancy has excelled in all aspects of Direct Sales…from entry level selling to Corporate positions in training and management of independent teams. She serves on the faculty of the DSWA Coach Excellence School and privately coaches individuals within the largest organizations in the Direct Selling World.

Her interest in Organization of physical space to maximize effectiveness for individuals and companies comes from a place of service, knowing that self esteem, confidence and success come more easily in a space that is supportive and that people enjoy going into each day.

She is known as a talented facilitator, able to get teams talking about the important things in business, often mediating for organizations that are stuck in unproductive patterns of behavior.  She is a consultant for companies ranging from prelaunch to world class successes, and brings years of experience as well as a love of Direct Selling to the table.