Let’s Get Directly Financial – Part 1: Getting Started with Money Talks



The DSWA is thrilled to present the first installment of Money Talks! Tips, tools & talking points for financial conversations with your team. Presented by LaRaine McCoy. Nicki Keohohou recently caught up with LaRaine to discuss this exciting resource.

The Money Talks! Webinar series will be delivered in 4 parts and available for a limited time through the DSWA Newsletter! As always, DSWA Members continue to enjoy these recorded resources at their leisure through the DSWA Members-only Archives.

In Direct Sales, strong financial leadership directly correlates to retention and long-term business growth – and it all starts with having Money Talks.

Money Talks are your chance to invest in your team by showing your up-and-coming leaders how to succeed with money from the start! What’s more, financial leadership holds you accountable. If you model it, your team will follow your lead!

Part 1: “Getting Started With Money Talks”

We’ll cover some direct sales financial basics and learn how to set the stage for money talks, starting with your team’s “Why”.

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