Let’s Get Directly Financial – Part 4: Leaving a Legacy: Living Your WHY



The DSWA is thrilled to present Money Talks! Tips, tools & talking points for financial conversations with your team. Presented by LaRaine McCoy.

The Money Talks! Webinar series will be delivered in 4 parts and available for a limited time through the DSWA Newsletter! As always, DSWA Members continue to enjoy these recorded resources at their leisure through the DSWA Members-only Archives.

In Direct Sales, strong financial leadership directly correlates to retention and long-term business growth – and it all starts with having Money Talks.

Money Talks are your chance to invest in your team by showing your up-and-coming leaders how to succeed with money from the start! What’s more, financial leadership holds you accountable. If you model it, your team will follow your lead!

Part 4: Leaving a Legacy: Living Your “WHY”!

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to “Live Your Why” with a legacy of financial leadership with your team, your family and your community.

  • Financial independence for a lifetime
  • Leaving a legacy – living out her business WHY and her life’s WHY
  • Giving back to the community and others
  • Importance of having a financial plan – for her business and for her family
  • Let’s Get Directly Financial! Self-assessment card


DSWA Members enjoy the benefit of retrieving ALL 4 parts from the DSWA Members-only archives.

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