Leading With Character: Developing the habits of highly successful business leaders

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Speaker: Suzan Hart

Time: September 17, 2013


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On her journey to entrepreneurial success, Suzan has discovered the secret of highly successful business leaders is found in their daily routines. Suzan shows you how to step-by-step take conscious control of your relationship with language so you can “Master the Habits of Highly Successful Business Leaders.”

In this Teleclass you will explore:

  • Some habits of highly successful business leaders.
  • A clear definition of a habit.
  • How our definition of a word paints a picture in our mind and ultimately decides the actions we take.
  • How to develop powerful habits by redefining everyday language that propels you to act and create powerful results.

About Suzan Hart:

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Suzan Hart at the age of 5 immigrated to Canada with her family, where they settled in a small college town in eastern Quebec. The youngest daughter of Lorna Gordon, Suzan believes she gets her determination, drive, and “never give up” attitude from watching her mother triumph and create diamonds from coal. Suzan Hart is definitely a woman on a mission.

A Master trainer, speaker and coach, Suzan is also a successful entrepreneur. As a multiple six figure earner in the industry of network marketing, she has built a reputation as a dynamic and captivating industry trainer. Suzan is sought out as a speaker all over North America to inspire and empower individuals looking to take charge of their life and embrace success.

With over ten years of experience in counseling, Suzan is a highly effective family, individual and group counselor. Having a specialty in crisis and mediation, she has worked extensively in the areas of Child Welfare and Women’s Services. Suzan has managed a women’s shelter and cross cultural counseling service, as well as one of the largest drop-in shelters in the downtown area of the city of Toronto.

The founder and president of HartZone Inc., Suzan has a brilliant capacity to engage individuals, groups, management and organizational structures. As a result, she has a reputation for causing leadership and developing healthy, productive, and cohesive teams. With an extensive background in group dynamics, Suzan has an enhanced ability to coach individuals in the areas of conflict, change management, communication, cultural competency and leadership.

An accomplished athlete, Suzan has experienced success in the areas of track, basketball and competitive body building. She has an uncanny ability to correlate team dynamics to business application and organizational structure. Suzan teaches that optimal health is the foundation for abundance and wealth. Being a skilled business owner and former athlete, Suzan believes that the first steps to prosperity begin with a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Suzan Hart is the leader other leaders follow. She educates and empowers individuals to gain mastery of self to facilitate access to time, money and freedom. Suzan is fulfilling her mission by creating environments where all individuals feel inspired, valued and honored for their contribution. She ignites the spirit of each person she encounters to take bold action, push past their fears, and create abundance with ease.