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Speaker: Teri Werner

Time: June 3, 2014 - 5:00pm PT, 6:00pm MT, 7:00pm CT, 8:00pm ET


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Are you looking for the secret sauce to ....

  • Elevate your team member from one level to the next?
  • Elevate your team's mind-set to higher levels of expectation?
  • Elevate your event from ho-hum..to creating the buzz of "everybody come!"?
  • Elevate your environment to be conducive to income producing productivity?

Join us to hear Teri Werner, DSWA Accredited Coach and Certified Trainer, provide answers to core questions that take you from vision TO ELEVATION!

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About Teri Werner:

Teri is an accomplished and expert coach and trainer serving those in the Direct Sales profession for more than 30 years. She began her career by co-founding and building a home-based business which grew into a publicly-traded multi-million dollar corporation. The foundation of Teri’s success is built on her belief in heart-centered connecting and employing creative business strategies.

Teri’s extensive skills help empower others to create successful outcomes in their life and business. Testimonials from those she has coached in corporate or field positions include success in achieving accelerated forward movement, breakthroughs in known or unknown obstacles, and attaining the next levels of their desired personal and professional success.

She is a powerful keynote speaker and acclaimed author, as well as a DSWA Accredited Coach and DSWA Certified Trainer.