Building a Stronger Social Media Presence

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Speaker: Scott Kramer

Time: August 26, 2014 - 5:00pm PT, 6:00pm MT, 7:00pm CT, 8:00pm ET (U.S)



Building a Stronger Social Media Presence

Get to know Scott Kramer, Chief Brain and CEO of Multibrain, a world-renowned pioneer in developing and producing multi-platform strategies for entertainment, media, and consumer brands.

  • The AHA Moment: Understanding where the distributor/consumer is now your greatest marketing tool!
  • The Bowtie Method: Learning to do less “shouting” and more “listening” to build a stronger Social Media presence.
  • Determining The Online DNA For Your Personal Brand: Learning where your distributors/customers are talking about you.
  • The Facebook “Hub” Approach: Connecting other social profiles for maximum exposure, shared communication and efficient management.
  • The “Controlled Empowerment” Approach: Tactical steps for empowering your field through Social Media.

About Scott Kramer:

Scott Kramer is considered a pioneer in developing and producing integrated/multi-platform strategies. His credits run the gamut of television, film, digital, publishing and large-scale live events.

Kramer currently serves as chief brain at Multibrain, an award winning digital agency, specializing in building "collaborative communities" for brands of all sizes throughout the US, with a specialty in working with Direct Selling organizations. Kramer is also a popular keynote speaker on Social Media and travels the US speaking to a wide variety of businesses across multiple categories. He is often reviewed for his humor and ability to simplify technology for his audience to grasp and leave with a clear understanding of the topic.

Kramer graduated from Purdue University with his BA in Communications. He has also completed coursework from UCLA in Emerging Technologies in Communication and Advanced Advertising Studies from the AAAA Institute.