Building Big Demystified: How to Increase Your Income from $500 to $5,000 a Month and Up

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Speaker: Sarah Robbins

Time: December 3, 2013



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What is prospecting? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as looking for GOLD. It only takes a few power partners to change your life! That’s your “gold”! Remember--you may have to talk to a lot to find those few—kind of like sifting for gold. But if I told you that you had 4 gold bricks in your back yard, would you continue to dig until you find them? Sure you would!

As with any profession, there is power in working through your odds to find leaders and pace setters It takes a lot of “sifting” until you “strike gold!” Your success is directly related to the degree to which you are willing to work to find others like yourself who are committed to succeed. Would you be willing to hear uncounted "No's" to sign up 100+ people until you “strike gold” and find 3 million dollar Leaders? Sarah Robbins hopes you will. Of course it would be easier if you knew the odds up front.

But here's the catch: You have your own set of odds and you won't know what they are until AFTER YOU'VE SUCCEEDED. So if you haven’t found your “power partners” yet, you can either give up and assume the business doesn't work for you, but somehow works for others…or recognize that you are working through your own numbers. Give your business the time it takes to build big!

Be relentless. Don’t quit! Go for the GOLD!

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About Sarah Robbins:

SARAH ROBBINS is a kindergarten teacher turned 7-figure annual residual income earner in network marketing, and is considered one of the world’s leading network marketing consultants. Now in the top one percent income bracket of all women in America, she began part time with no business experience and had achieved 6-figures per MONTH by age 29 in her network marketing company. She has been featured in many best-selling books in the network marketing profession, and is a featured speaker at industry events (the Mastermind event is the highlight of her year!) As a speaker she contributes unique insights on success, prosperity, leadership and network marketing topics, and is fulfilling her lifelong dream of helping others.

As a former educator, Sarah has a passion for sharing her learning to help others achieve the success they’ve dreamed of through network marketing. She attributes much of her success to the wisdom gained from her mentors in the profession, over the past 5 years. She believes a gift isn’t a gift until you give it away, so she decided to share what she’s learned and how she trains her team to achieve true success in her brand new book “Rock Your Network Marketing Business!".