Direct Sales Meeting Icebreakers

Posted on June 25th, 2018 by Deb Bixler

Direct sales meeting icebreakers will help your consultants become friends at meetings so that they keep coming back for more.
direct sales team icebreakers
Sales meetings offer a great opportunity to build enthusiasm for company products and inspire your consultants to sell. Knowledge, confidence and a positive attitude are important for success in any direct sales business.

Try these icebreaker activities to get your meetings off to a great start and create team friendships.

2 Meeting Icebreakers

For the first activity, provide your reps with some introductory information to be discussed at the meeting. This works well when introducing new product lines or sharing company information. Using a small stuffed ball or toy, ask reps to state one new product or other company fact when the ball is thrown their way.

This activity should move quickly to build energy and enthusiasm. Allow consultants to pass if they can’t think of anything to add. This helps keep the experience positive. Consider keeping track of who gives the most correct answers about the category you want to focus on. Offer a wrapped set of samples or other company item as a reward. This will motivate your consultants to carefully review materials before meetings.

The Good Question Meeting Icebreakers Icebreaker

A good sales person asks key questions to recommend company products which meet a customer’s needs. This icebreaker demonstrates the importance of effective questions. Consultants will also learn ways to improve their questioning skills.

This icebreaker works for any size group. Reps will be asked to hire someone using only one question. Some examples of positions to use might include: babysitter, body guard/personal assistant, business partner, company president or spouse.

Divide your group into teams. First, each consultant should write down a question of their own. Then using role-playing and discussion have the teams test the questions. Set a time limit for coming up with a question and another time limit for testing the question and revising it if needed.

This challenge won’t have one right answer. As consultants share their questions, talk about the benefits of effective questions. Discuss how role-playing and planning can help consultants ask better questions. Make lists of qualities that make questions more and less useful. Share ways reps can ask create questions tailored for specific customers.

Learn More Fun Meeting Ice Breakers

Meeting Ice Breakers make training meetings fun and help the group get ready to focus on learning new information. Visit the Cash Flow Show training center for more direct sales meeting icebreakers.
Direct sales business consultants and reps can always learn more.  You can even use these activities to improve skills that will lead to increased sales.

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