Direct Sales Meeting Themes

Posted on May 21st, 2018 by The DSWA

In any situation, having a unifying theme in place often increases participation, excitement and results.

Why should it be any different in the world of direct selling?

Fortunately, with a little creativity and a lot of dedication, just about anything can be transformed into one or more direct sales meeting themes.

Think Seasonally For Direct Sales Meeting Themes

Often, you can find inspiration and ideas simply by pulling out a calendar.

What season are you in?

Is it Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall?

Each one of these times of the year offers unique opportunities to build a unifying theme for your direct sales meeting.

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More specifically, you can look for particular holidays or events that unfold throughout the year and run with them. While Fall may make many think of falling leaves, others think of pumpkins, others think of Thanksgiving while others still will focus on County Fairs.

Obviously, there's a great deal of room for interpretation here, so look at the seasonal calendar through the eyes of your direct selling team or party attendees. Google the internet for strange seasonal holidays to build your theme around.

Plant Seeds For Future Of Sales Business

This is my favorite theme...

One of the principle rules of direct sales is that you reap what you sow. What you do today effects your business down the road.

If you're training your team of direct sellers to understand this overriding principle, why not actually use seeds to do it?Grow your direct sales business

You could request that your team members each bring in a packet of seeds - whichever ones they choose. Then, you supply them with potting soil or peat moss, planters and gloves and let them work their magic. Find ways to decorate the potters so that every time they look at their plant, they are reminded to get to work growing their business as well.

Think Outside The Box Team Meetings

If you are dealing with first-time direct sellers, you could easily stress that they are delving into exciting, uncharted territory where the sky is the limit as far as success is concerned. Meeting themes could be the Dora the Explorer, or pioneering your new business.

No matter which of these themes you use or what other themes you come up with on your own, set out to be creative and captivating and see what happens next!

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