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Meetings That Rock!

Audio CD by DSWA featuring Kristin Rogers-Sharpe


Product Description

Nicki Keohohou's interview with Kristin Rogers will provide you with the step-by-step process to hold Meetings That Rock.

Kristin follows the DSWA ELITE Leadership® Certification Program's methods taught in the Creating Community module. This process has taken Kristin's weekly meetings from 1 person to currently attracting 350 - 500 attendees each week.

Kristin started her direct selling business in June of 2006. She broke two major records for her company... one being the fastest woman to become a Director (only four months after joining) and the other record was for her Unit achieving the fastest triple-star in company history. Kristin also earned three free cars in her first year and was able to purchase her home, all thanks to her direct selling business.