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Principle-Centered Coaching: 2nd Edition

2 CD Audio Set & eWorkbook by DSWA


Product Description

Bringing Out The Best

Whether you are a seasoned leader or a new distributor just beginning to build your team, the DSWA's Principle-Centered Coaching®: 2nd Edition, offers you a proven method for coaching your team to success. The DSWA has supported direct sellers and network marketers to advance their careers by learning how to properly coach their team for greater retention and advancement.

The DSWA's Principle-Centered Coaching®: 2nd Edition offers:

  • more coaching examples;
  • updated and timely content;
  • fresh perspectives to address today's environment;
  • broader perspectives that provide a fresh approach to working your business.

In this 2 CD Version with the companion eWorkbook, you'll gain valuable skills in the following areas:

  • Improve your communication and leadership skills;
  • Discover how to grow your business with confidence and ease;
  • Enhance your relationships and build strong committed leaders;
  • Create a culture of trust, respect and high performance;
  • Experience more joy and fulfillment in your role as a leader.

Here Are Just a Few of the Skills You Will Acquire...

  • "You're the Expert" Questions
  • Heart-Centered Listening™
  • Compassionate Feedback
  • Agreed Action and Accountability
  • ICU Acknowledgement