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Principle-Centered Coaching: 2nd Edition and Coach Now

Two 2 CD Audio Sets and an eWorkbook by DSWA


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Enrich your Coach Library by purchasing both the Principle-Centered Coaching®: 2nd Edition and Coach Now!

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Whether you are starting a home-based business or growing the one you have, these products will provide you proven strategies for increasing profits and taking your business to the next level.


Here’s what top leaders are saying about DSWA's Principle Centered Coaching®: 2nd Edition and Coach Now

"The coaching skills have revolutionized my thinking, changed the way I work with people for the better, and allowed me to work my business with joy and peace! I deal with situations with calmness & I find that I don't take things
as personally as I did before. Best of all, my Consultants and Directors feel heard & understood and I am LIVING my mission statement to empower women!"
--- Linda Wiseman Jones

Heart-Centered Listening makes a lot of sense because everyone needs to make their own decisions rather than the decision being made for them.
--- Mary Bentley

The most valuable part of Principle-Centered Coaching was really listening & finding out what consultants want - goals, helping them discover what their steps to accomplish them should be to accomplish them.
--- Amy Phillips

Learning to acknowledge others based on their specific personal attributes rather than actions was so valuable to me.
--- Holly Orban

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