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Build It Big Study Guide - Build It Big & the Build It Big eWorkbook

Book & eWorkbook by DSWA. Book will be mailed, electronic workbook delivered by email.


Product Description

Let us take you on a personal growth journey toward building your business bigger than you ever dreamed possible! Combine the fabulous insights of the Build It Big book with the life-changing Build It Big Workbook that everyone is raving about and you have a perfect Build It Big Experience!

This breakthrough book reveals 101 insights and practices on how to grow your direct selling business, shared by industry experts who do not just talk about success – they live it. Build It Big moves beyond the out-dated business practices that no longer work in today’s changing world and speaks to the essence of your success by offering an enlightened perspective of every facet, from getting started to building a team and then coaching them to the top.

Here is a peek at this comprehensive guide to your direct selling success:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Starting Your Direct-Selling Business
Chapter 2 - Booking and Coaching Your Hostess
Chapter 3 - The Art of Selling
Chapter 4 - Sponsoring and Building Your Team
Chapter 5 - Coaching Your Team
Chapter 6 - Developing Leadership Skills
Chapter 7 - Managing Business Finances
Chapter 8 - Integrating Home and Business
Chapter 9 - Building Through Technology
Chapter 10 - Strategies for Success

Add this cutting edge book to your personal success library and use it as a personal guide, quick reference for insights and ideas, team meeting planner, source of inspiration and so much more.

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The Build It Big Workbook is a 158-page electronic study guide which contains 25 business-building exercises that bring the wisdom of Build It Big to life!
Consider the Build It Big Study Guide and Workbook as your partner on your journey toward realizing your ultimate goals. Use it for your team meetings or as a study guide for your Success Circle Meetings. It also makes a great team incentive!
(Because it is spiral bound, with a sturdy wrap-around cover, you can lay the book flat while at work--a wonderful convenience.)

Your success in direct selling is in direct proportion to the degree you are growing and learning.
Order Build It Big And the eBuild It Big Workbook today!