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Coaching Collection Digital Download

5 Album Audio Download and eWorkbook by DSWA and Élan Enterprises


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  • Principle-Centered Coaching CD 1.mp3
  • Principle-Centered Coaching CD 2.mp3
  • Principle-Centered Coaching eWorkbook.pdf
  • Coach Now CD 1.mp3
  • Coach Now CD 2.mp3
  • Self-Coaching CD.mp3

Whether you are a seasoned leader or a new distributor just beginning to build your team, the DSWA's Principle-Centered Coaching®: 2nd Edition, offers you a proven method for coaching your team to success. The DSWA has supported direct sellers and network marketers to advance their careers by learning how to properly coach their team for greater retention and advancement.

The DSWA's Coach Now - Real People Putting the Pieces Together features DSWA certified coaches bringing authentic coaching to a selection of everyday coaching scenarios. These aren't text book examples or scripted "situations": you'll hear real people coaching direct sellers to help them find clarity, discover answers, and overcome challenges. After each coaching situation, you'll find the honest discussions of each coaching session refreshing and informative. You'll find yourself returning to these coaching demonstrations over and over to anchor your own coaching skills.

Self-Coaching - Raise Your Success Ratio is the best kept secret of high achievers. The inner practice of self-coaching, conscious or not, is what guides you to be the best you can be. In this program by DSWA and Élan Enterprises, you will discover how to ask yourself powerful and positive questions. Further, you will learn how to guide yourself to greater productivity and results.

This is your personal copy of these albums and eworkbook and is not to be forwarded or given to anyone. Please contact us if you have any questions. The DSWA is here to serve you.