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Learning to Learn

Book by D. Trinidad Hunt


Product Description

Learning to Learn - Maximizing your Performance Potential

Trinidad Hunt is a woman of vision versatility and insight, whose love for learning is contagious. Planet Earth is Trin's classroom and life's lessons have become her curriculum. A captivating thinker, keynote speaker and author with a compelling message, she combines the dynamics of energy, wit, and inspiration with a meaningful blueprint for life in the 21st century. Trin touches that special place in each of us and inspires us to reach for our dreams by directing our rare and unique energies in a significant way. Leaning to Learn is the result of many years of research and firsthand experience for Ms. Hunt. As an educator and trainer she shares her discoveries and insights about the shifting paradigm of personal and professional effectiveness. Ms. Hunts message in Learning to Learn is your wake-up call to transformation.