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The Absolute Best Way in the World for African American Women To Make Money

eBook by Lorna Rasmussen and British Hill with the DSWA


Product Description

It is time for women to start earning the type of money they really deserve. This book tells them how to do it. - Mark Victor Hansen

When life separates two close friends, Tanisha and Serena, their paths take them in totally different directions. One is frustrated and failing while the other is flourishing.

The book follows the two friends on a journey of discovery and delivers a message to them, and to all of us, that there is a way for African American women to partake of a life and lifestyle that they deserve.

We invite you to read and enjoy this story of awakening and self-discovery. But we also invite you to take the journey along with Tanisha and Serena. Learn what you really want, how to create positive change in your life and realize what path is right for you.

Also, meet and read advice from a sampling of very successful black women who left a world of constraints and limitations in corporate America for a life that rewards them for who they are, what they do and how they help others.