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Engaging Your Children In Your Business for Their Future Success

Audio CD by Nicki Keohohou, Connie Kittson and Bill McGrane


Product Description

This CD program will assist you in discovering ways to excite and inspire your children to be interested in your business for their own future success.

You will discover the answers to the following questions

  • How does owning a home-based business teach children about the possibility of dreams?
  • How Do Your Children Gain Confidence As a Result of Experiencing Entrepreneurship? 
  • How Could The Direct Selling Profession Impact The Children of Our World? 
  • What Skills Will Children of Direct Sellers Learn While Working With Their Parents? 
  • How Would You Say Direct Selling Allows a Person To Be More Flexible with Their Family? 
  • How Can You Purposefully Prepare Your Children For Life Through Home-Based Business? 
  • What Are The Important Lessons That You Would Want To Expose Children To?

Take your business and life to the next level by engaging your children in your business and making them the reason to be successful.