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Coach Now

2 CD Audio Set by DSWA


Product Description

Real People Putting the Pieces Together

You Asked For It and We Have it!

Featured DSWA certified coaches bring authentic coaching to a selection of everyday coaching scenarios. These aren't text book examples or scripted "situations": you'll hear real people coaching direct sellers to help them find clarity, discover answers, and overcome challenges. After each coaching situation, you'll find the honest discussions of each coaching session refreshing and informative. You'll find yourself returning to these coaching demonstrations over and over to anchor your own coaching skills.

Here are Just a Few of the Coaching Scenarios:

  • Your team member always has more projects than time and seems to have a constant high level of frustration about unfinished items. As a coach, find a way to challenge her feelings or actions about unfinished work.
  • Your team member has always gotten by on his basic talents and just enough work to succeed. Challenge your client to do outstanding work.
  • Your team member has been working with you on discovering her mission, but she has hit a wall. Use powerful questions to help her move past the block and connect with her passion.