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Direct Selling Power

Book by DSWA


Product Description

Twenty Direct Sales Professionals Share their Expertise:

The co-authors of the DSWA have been carefully selected and are top direct sales industry experts in their specialty area. Each chapter is packed full of ideas, tips and recommendations for you, as a direct seller, to achieve success with ease.

The chapters include the following:

  1. The Power of Direct Selling-Leading the Way for Entrepreneurs By Nicki Keohohou, DSWA CEO
  2. Ignite Your Passion and Live with Purpose-A Guide to a Thriving Life and a Prosperous Direct Selling Business By Shannon Bruce, CPCC, PCC, CPT
  3. Developing an Abundant and Profitable Mindset By Marci Stahl
  4. The Responsibility Game-Your Key to Amazing Direct Selling Success By Celine Egan
  5. Managing Life as a Direct Selling Super Star By Martha Staley, CDC
  6. An Organized Office-Systems for Sanity By Anne Nelson
  7. Run Your Business Like a Business-So It Will Pay You Like a Business By Rhonda Johnson
  8. Partner Up for Greater Direct Selling Success By Kimberley Borgens, CBC
  9. Building an Online Presence for Your Direct Sales Business-Six Solid Ways to Expand Your Reach By Karen Clark
  10. Embrace Public Speaking to Grow Your Direct Selling Business By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC
  11. Build Your Business by Building Relationships By Beth Jones-Schall
  12. Listen for Leads-Prospecting Made Fun and Easy By Mary McLoughlin
  13. People Smarts-Engaging Through Your People Connections By Cindy Sakai, MA, CDC
  14. The Art of Persuasive Selling-How to Influence Prospects with Suggestive Booking Bids By Tammy Stanley
  15. Maximize Your Party By Ruth Fuersten
  16. Follow-Up -- How to Be Persistent and Respected-Building New Relationships and Creating a Warm Market By Lyn-Dee Eldridge, CPC, CPMC
  17. Change How You Think About Recruiting-The Key to Team Growth By Shari Hudspeth
  18. Recruiting High Net Worth and Highly Influential People By Lorna Rasmussen
  19. Communicating for Positive Team Results By Gale Bates
  20. Turning New Recruits into Leaders-Eight Simple Strategies to Catapult Results By Sallie Meshell