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Build It Big Workbook

Workbook by DSWA


Product Description

The Build It Big Workbook is a 174-page spiral-bound study guide which contains 25 business-building exercises that bring the wisdom of Build It Big to life!

Designed to take you on a deeper journey through the pages of Build It Big, readers are aided in developing the mindset, habits and strategies that can take their business from wherever it is today to a new level of excellence in a few months.

In the pages of this Workbook, you?ll find exercises that will enable you to put the Build It Big insights into practice immediately in your business.

Here is a look at the 25 Exercises:

  • Win Your Inner Game: Vision Quest, You Gotta Have Goals, Finding your Why, Success Habits
  • Business Building Basics: The Never-ending Prospect List, Book Your Way Into Business, Make it FUN For Higher Profits, Tune Up with Your Hostess, Seek Out Product Benefits, Serve With A Smile 
  • Strengthen your Sponsoring: Sponsor With Powerful Questions, Strengthen Your Belief, Tell a Powerful Story 
  • Lead Your Team: Legacy Leadership, Plan Great Meetings, Find Your Future Leaders, Design the Coaching Alliance, The Power of Acknowledgement, Befriend the Inner Critic 
  • Manage your Finances: Your Financial Freedom Plan, Build Your Prosperity 
  • Live your Ideal Life: Life Balance, The Art of Time Mastery, Support at Home, Your Professional Image

Consider the Build It Big Workbook as your partner on your journey toward realizing your ultimate goals. Use it for your team meetings. It also makes a great team incentive!

(Because it is spiral bound, with a sturdy wrap-around cover, you can lay the book flat while at work--a wonderful convenience.)