Go For The Upsell

Posted on July 17th, 2017 by Deb Bixler

The upsell is a time-sensitive issue. Strike too fast and the customer is intimidated and may back away from a sale entirely. Offer too late and the customer may have already moved on to something more enticing. Learning when to go for the upsell or a cross sale is critical in any direct marketing business and requires a bit of skill to accomplish.

The Customer-Initiated Upsell

Savvy marketers know that the best way to go for the upsell is in having the customer initiate it themselves.

The best way to do this is to ask several questions of about what the customer is looking for or how they plan to use what they already have decided to purchase then offer suggestions that fit the basic needs, but leave them wanting more.

After simple conversation or negotiation, most customers suggest the upsell themselves by inquiring about the most expensive or highest demanded items. The upsell at this point is usually guaranteed because the customer has convinced herself that only the upsell will do to fit their needs.

About The Hidden Upsell

Another great way to go for the upsell is in hiding it among other services or products so they look even greater than they really are. For example an complete package that includes many products that are sold separately may be considered a hidden upsell.

When your client is purchasing one of the items sold separately it is simple to point out the 'complete package. Often they see it themselves and the upsell happens on it's own.

Once potential customers and clients see how great a product is with the upsell added onto it, they care less about the price or details of the upsell and only see its benefits.

This is another great way to create an upsell without even being pushy about it.

An upsell doesn't always create the best party plan sales.

While a smart marketer knows how to make the upsell look enticing, they also know when to back away and graciously accept the sale as it is.

By letting the customer choose what she or he wants without pushing too hard for the upsell a marketer accomplishes 3 things:

  1. a happy customer who is satisfied with their purchase
  2. repeat customers
  3. profit for the business

It's a total win-win sometimes to just let an upsell fade into distant memory.

Going for the upsell is all about making a customer desire a great product or service rather than forcing them to make a choice. Knowing the difference (and how to encourage an upsell choice) can mean better sales and greater customer loyalty in the end.

The Difference Upsell VS Cross Sell

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