The thought of growing a direct sales team in the face of an economy that’s marked by inflation and financial uncertainty may be discouraging. And for those just setting out, it might be down right daunting. However, there’s a compelling argument to be made that this turbulent period could be precisely the right time to foster team growth.

Simply put: Trying times require adaptability

Fortunately, direct sales businesses are malleable and set up to adapt in a much easier sense than most. By tailoring your approach and having a willingness to pivot, you are opening your business up to experience much more growth!

Where to Pivot

Economic challenges often lead to shifts in behavior and preferences. Take notice and plug-in to areas and demographics that may have emerged or evolved due to changing economic conditions. This strategy will position you and your team to reach new audiences and diversify your prospect (as well as consumer) base. Once you know where to pivot, you can use DSWA tools and trainings to establish a step-by-step recruiting process.

And while it sounds counterintuitive, this shift also leads to more selling opportunity. With emerging needs, there’s typically a gap in the market. Who is on standby to fill that gap? YOU!

Connecting with your customers and prospects on these new pain points created by the economy is KEY! By staying ahead of the curve, you and your team can position yourself as a SOLUTION provider in a shifting marketplace.

Take a few minutes to evaluate your service or product, how does it specifically address needs presented in an economic downturn? You’ll be amazed with how effective connecting a few dots for others can be!

At the DSWA we are passionate about providing you resources that will accelerate success.  No matter where you are at with growing your Team, we have the tools to help you MULTIPLY.

Learn more about our step-by-step process that is PROVEN to exponentially grow your team.

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