Working At Home With Kids

Posted on June 3rd, 2019 by The DSWA

As a parent and as an entrepreneur, you may have had to make adjustments to create a successful family and a successful business.  Working at home with kids will take trial and error until you get the right balance of family and business.

With young children in the home you may find yourself feeling blame, shame or guilt about being a working parent.

You may often ask yourself, “is this being a good mom?” or possibly think, “they hate me because I am always busy”.

Have you ever felt that way? You are NOT alone!

Don’t let your inner critic was attack you. You will find yourself being unproductive if you allow it! Is your inner critic speaking to you? Is it helping you in your business or holding you back?

work at home with kids
Listen to yourself and decide to do something different!. What is it that you want to do to make the situation better?

Working Home Business With Kids

Start by making a list of everything you do that keeps you away from the kids. Then place a value next to each item based on how important it is for you to do that task verses someone else doing the task.

When you are done, look at the list and you will clearly see some tasks that your children could do. Set up a plan for each child (per age) to do some tasks that will help you in your business and at the same time give you more time to spend with one another.

Ask the kids to participate and help you in the business. Most likely they will say yes but at times will show a little resistance.

Working At Home With Kids

Think about your kids, their ages and how they may help you….

A thirteen years old could put labels and stamps on invitations, stuff hostess and opportunity packets, highlight monthly specials and file past consultant orders for the business.

The same child could write events on the family calendar so everyone knew what nights you have parties to go to. You could bring the kids to shows occasionally to count how many times you would mention the business opportunity, booking opportunity and monthly specials. They could be in charge of replacing the items in your bag.

A seven-year-old would put together guest packets, make copies of monthly specials, handouts and recipes, and put the receipts in a folder.

The younger children will be great at stamping the catalogs and flyers. Not always straight, however they were legible. This could give you a lead in at shows about how the fact that you are working at home with kids allows you to actually let them be a part of your business and spend precious time with them.

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A four year old could help out by taking out office trash, making sure the pencil/pen bag had enough for shows and putting the mail into the mail box. At that age they could also help to put products in bags to give to customers. Their attention span may not be long yet, but they love helping out.

Working at home with kids you will watch them build work ethics and create team work. They will spend quality time with their mom, and build a business along with communication skills. Working in your family business will help them develop personal and social skills like cooperation and confidence.

How Can Your Kids Work In Your Business?

  • What are the ages of your kids?
  • What are some ideas you can come up with to get your kids involved with your direct selling business?
  • What can you enroll your kids into doing that would support your business?
  • How will you talk to them about helping?
  • What reward could they earn by being involved?

You will find that when you give the kids something to do, it will paid off down the line and help you to release the shame or guilt of being a working parent by turning it into raising responsible, confident kids!.

What can you do today to incorporate your kids into your business?

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