What’s your goat?

Posted on June 16th, 2012 by Steve Taubman

While coaching a client yesterday about the sheer overwhelm she’s been experiencing, and the inevitable consequence of feeling numb and passionless, I was reminded of an ancient Sufi story about Nasruddin, who lived in a small hut with his wife, seven children, five dogs, three cats, twelve chickens, three sheep and a goat. One day, the goat got out. Nasruddin awoke, took a deep breath, and said, “Wow, it’s so roomy in here!”

While we tend to look at our lives as being busy and unsatisfying beyond repair, often it’s a matter of removing one small thing. For my client, just imagining the possibility of delegating a few of her work chores allowed her to breathe again. What’s your goat? What one thing can you remove in order to create more space and a sense of relief? Remove that goat, and notice how quickly you start feeling passion and hope once again!

About the Author: Dr. Steve Taubman, is considered one of America’s top keynote speakers for the direct selling industry. As a hypnotist and bestselling author, he is highly regarded for his unique ability to combine laughter empowering stories to effect change in audiences lives. Dr. Steve teaches you to clear mental roadblocks so that you can take action to propel you and your sales team toward your goals.  Direct Email: steve@stevetaubman.com or visit his website at SteveTaubman.com.